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18th March 2021: Appearance on Website Depot's Daily Digital Podcast

11th March 2021: Appearance on The Suki & Scott Show

3rd March 2021: Interview on the Late Boomers Podcast

24th December 2020: Interview by Steve Hewlett on Eyes and Teeth podcast

"In the world of Lucas, it seems as if everything can have a life and a mind of its own. Not only do his puppets talk to him, and talk back to him; so does the microphone, his hand, his foot, and anything else that comes into his proximity."
- Chuck Rounds, igoshows.com (23 Jan 2002)

TV and movies

A list of Ronn's television and movie credits,
plus some known radio appearances
and just a few of his many stage shows.

"The surprise of the evening was Ronn Lucas, an American ventriloquist, who played Buttons and was a sheer delight. He had two dummys – a dragon and a raucous cowboy – whom he manipulated brilliantly and was extremely funny in the character delineations without resorting to silly gags or smut."
- Cinderella, New Wimbledon Theatre (Review) by David Munro, IndieLondon.co.uk (2008)


A collection of Ronn's views...
on his puppets, his career,
his interests and more.

"Lucas serves up a medley of stand-up comedy, voice manipulation and audience interaction that is a 75-minute laughfest."
– Barbara Scherzer, Las Vegas Mercury (7 Feb 2002)

Mighty Mouth Mask

A potted history of Ronn's half-face ventriloquist mask
for an audience participation routine.

"Of the seven headliners on the current bill, by far the standout magician of the evening is . . . a ventriloquist. An "illusionist of the voice", Ronn Lucas exercises a near-magical control of that humble human instrument that borders on the uncanny."

– Ronn Lucas Steals the Show, and 'It's Magic!' All Around (Review) by F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times (1997).


Find out more about Ronn's two books:
Better Living Through Ventriloquism
and Talk to the Hand

"Mr. Lucas left many in the audience with tears of hilarity when he persuaded American Airlines Chairman and CEO Don Carty to don a movable mouth and a felt cowboy hat and play a dummy performing "When You're Smiling"."

– Many reasons to applaud at Ford's Theatre by Jabeen Bhatti, The Washington Times (June 13 2001)


It's a photo gallery...
Not much else to say really.

Contact Details

TV Development and Publicity:

8899 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 918
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone (310) 701-3911

Email: cheryl@cherylkagan.com

Corporate Bookings:

Ken Kragen, Kragen and Co.
Email: KenKragen@aol.com

Ronn Lucas:

Email:   RonnLucasDirect@aol.com
website:   RonnLucas.com
social media:   Twitter
                           Facebook Page


Privacy Policy.

Q. Are you Ronn Lucas?
A. No, I'm not, I'm just a fan.

Q. Can you pass on a message to him?
A. Sorry, but I can't do anything like that so please don't ask me to!!

Q. Where can I buy the Who's In Charge Here? Disney Channel special?
A. Ronn has DVDs for sale via Ebay