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Ronn has released two books, written in collaboration with comedian Chris Clobber:

Ronn's book Better Living Through Ventriloquism, which comes packaged with a plastic pair of eyes that you can put on your hand to make a puppet

Better Living Through Ventriloquism: How to Say What You Shouldn't and Get What You Want

"Did you ever wonder if ventriloquism could: Help you get a better deal on a new car? Improve your pick-up lines in a bar? Save the ozone layer? Stop a thermo-nuclear war? The answer to all of these Big Questions is "Yes!" And these modest goals are just the beginning. In your hand you hold all the ventriloquism know-how and how-to’s to get you out of any tricky situation—as long as your hand does all the talking. With practice scripts, real-life scenarios, and a starter hand puppet, Better Living through Ventriloquism will help you get that great job, take charge of any situation, and generally improve your life and that of the world around you."

Talk to the Hand book, the book is in a kit with 4 sets of plastic eyes to put on your hand to make puppets

Published: January 2007
ISBN-13: 9780762426133
Publisher: Running Press

Talk to the Hand: Get Everything You Want—With Ventriloquism

"The dog ate my homework." "My little sister did it!" "But everyone else is doing it!" If your excuses are sounding a bit stale, but you’re still getting into tight spots, consider this kit your saving grace! With a few, simple lessons, you’ll learn to use ventriloquism to get out of any tough situation, and smell like roses! This team of world-renowned ventriloquist Ronn Lucas and comedian Chris Clobber will show you how to use the enclosed finger puppets to throw your voice and get everyone around you to do or think whatever you need them to! Sample dialogue, easy-to-follow instructions, and four different finger puppets combine to make the Talk to the Hand kit indispensable to any kid looking for an excuse, a convincing argument, or a lot of fun!"

Age Range: 9 and up
Published: May 2007
ISBN-13: 978-0762426348
Publisher: Running Press

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